Clean PC Mode Question

When running Defense + in “Clean PC Mode,” it adds files related to Automatic Updates for Windows as well as files related to my antivirus software to the “Pending Files” area. Every so often, I have to go to the “Pending Files” area and add these files to the safe list.

While I like “Clean PC Mode,” my concern is that it is stopping legitimate files from being able to run without manual intervention. Are files that are listed as “pending” not given any access to the system? In other words, if a legitimate file is in the list, will it be able to run properly while listed as “pending?” Thanks in advance for the help.

I just another newbie like you (:■■■■), but I think they can run/be accessed. I one time tested running a pending file, and it worked. I think the Pending files are just files that are allowed, but Comodo wants you to make sure. I hope this helps (and it hope it’s right :wink: )

Yes, Jeremy has it right. After you open and use all your installed programs, you can move D+ to safe and no longer have to worrying about pending files.