[Clean PC Mode Bug]Lock file in move (replace) operation. (~3.0.22 xp x32)

Clean PC Mode/My Pending Files Bug

Lock file in move (replace) operation, if before replace target not in My Pending Files.

1.My Defense+ Settings (Clean0.png)

2.My Pending Files Status
Clean. replace target not in My Pending Files. (important)

3.Move (replace) operation. (many files)

4.Can’t replace some files.

5.error message (I’m not use eng OS)
Error Moving File or Folder
Cannot move file: The Filename already exists. Please enter a different filename.

Sorry for my bad english.

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Pls fix this, Clean PC Mode can’t safe to use.

For example, update operation of software.

FIXED! BUG causing D+ to allow file modification attempts although it is blocked under some circumstances.
This bug is not fixed...

What makes you think it is not fixed by now ?

You never gave ANY relevant information about operating system etc, and nothing at all about Firewall software version.

A brief look at http://www.personalfirewall.comodo.com/release_notes.html gives no clue as to the latest version available to you at your time of complaint on February 06, 2008, BUT it does show
Version : 27th March, 2008 and
Version : 18th April, 2008
So what you complained about is at least 2 versions ago.

I suggest you download the latest version, and try that, and if the problem remains then return and post confirmation that the problem still exists in the latest version.
BUT PLEASE DO NOT SAY THE LATEST VERSION. Instead quote actual version number.

I hate the foolish posts in forums that say they have a problem with the LATEST version - PLEASE stipulate the actual version number, because what is latest to you here and now is NOT the latest to some-one reading the forum next year. My reason for recommending the LATEST is because although I think of version as being latest and best, by the time you read this there could be an advance to 2.0.23.xxx

nb it is even possible you may have downloaded the latest version and tested yesterday, but this tells us NOTHING because there were two different versions available at different times yesterday. Version Numbers really are important