Clean PC Mode and Trusted Vendors Don't Work Properly

I’ve really been trying to make sure I know what I’m talking about before I make a statement like this, so I’ve tested this program thoroughly for the past year. It has real potential, but there are still some pretty glaring problems, and I want this to be the best firewall ever, so I’m going to tell you all about it.

Just now while I was typing this, I had to change the title of this post because I just got a popup asking if it’s OK for cfpsbmit.exe to execute rsaenh.dll. This is a trusted Comodo file, and my firewall is in Clean PC Mode, and it is set to allow actions of trusted vendors.

The first reason for this post is that Clean PC Mode does not work. I was actually locked out of my machine earlier today while trying to access it from a remote location. Just two days ago it worked, and there have been no updates to any of the relevant software since that time (in fact I had just updated windows a few days earlier, and this problem did not occur even after a couple of reboots over a period of 3 days). It was just this morning that it did not allow me to access the machine because my remote access software was suddenly not allowed to run without my permission.

The computer had been in Clean PC Mode for about 4 days. Before that, I had left it in training mode because that 's the only way anything would work. I had tried Clean PC Mode, but it wasn’t working at the time (i.e., it was asking me every single time whether it could run programs that had always been on my system, such as cmd.exe – even though I’ve added Microsoft as a trusted vendor), so I had switched it to training mode for a little more than a month so that the programs that I use on a regular basis would have their actions memorized and I could finally go back to Clean PC Mode.

Well, no dice. It seemed to be working (soft-of) for a few days there, but it was still asking me if it could do this and that now and then, which I just sort of brushed off, thinking maybe something funny was going on with those particular programs, but that’s not it. The fact is, Clean PC Mode (and now I see Trusted Vendors) is just not working at all.

I have also noticed that a lot of the programs that I have set as “Windows System Applications” still aren’t allowed to run half the time. Just as a test, I tried to open nbtstat from the command line just now, and it gives me like 15 popups asking if cmd.exe can run this and that, and if nbtstat can run. Well, I’ve already told it a long time ago that it could run, but I shouldn’t have had to tell it since I have already run it with Defense+ set to training mode. WTF, guys? Anybody got any kind of clue why half the features aren’t working properly?

I also mentioned in another post a while back that when I updated to the latest point release, all of my Defense+ settings disappeared. That should never be allowed to happen. I’ll be sure to do a backup before updating from now on, but unless I’m the only person to experience this problem, it’s probably something you should look into.

Believe me, I love this firewall. I don’t mean to come across as ■■■■■■-off. I’m really not ■■■■■■, even though the problems have kept me from getting work done. I just want to help you understand the frustrations I’m having so that you can make the program as robust as possible.

Thanks for all your hard work.

I know you have spent a lot of time setting up your permissions, but the easiest solution to your problem would probably to start again with a fresh install without importing anything previous.

The problems have probably occurred during migration from CFP3 through betas to the latest version, which is 3.5.57173.439.

Ya, looks like I’m going to have to. I’ve noticed more similar problems throughout the day today. No big deal really. I’ll just put it in learning mode and hope it all works next time. I’m using it at home as well, and I don’t have these problems with that installation (I forgot to mention this in my last post). I just wish I knew why it happened at all.

I didn’t leave a single version installed and update it, though. I could understand that causing some of these problems I guess, but I actually reinstalled it recently. However, I didn’t clean it out first. I guess I need to do that.