Clean PC: how to tell CIS?

I got a really fast question.

In CIS I would somehow want to instruct it that everything on my PC is completely clean, so every program I ever installed won’t trigger CIS every few seconds. Would this actually be possible? I’m not asking if it’s doable with the current CIS but rather if it could be implemented, if it can be then yeah that’s on my wishlist.

Basically I just want to install it and not have it say anything about the stuff I already have on my computer but instead ask whenever a new application is starting.

set defense + to clean pc mode

Oh wow, is it really that simple? Wow I feel stupid now. ._. Thank you for the answer! ^-^

it clean pc mode cis will trust everything on your computer and will treat anything else as unknown so it will sandbox it, depending on your settings.

What if I download something that comodo would normally see as Safe? Would that still be seen as unknown? I have CIS’s Execution Control to Block any unknown programs. However there is one big miss, it doesn’t notify you when it blocks something!!! >_<
I’m currently using the latest 5.12 on Windows 8 but it’s like that in CIS 6 beta too, well before it was taken off.

yes it still be seen as unknown unless the behavior has changed recently. i havent used this mode in a while. you can read through the help file about it

If you want to get defense+ questions, you have to put that setting to “untrusted”. If you dont answer a defense+ question, default deny is the principle anyway.
So you get a default block AND a question.
Its not that obvious to have a sandbox setting that affects defense+.
But thats how it is.

Yes, but don’t you eventually have to switch it back to normal mode, so it will find new threats? If I switch it to clean PC mode, then switch it back to normal mode, will it remember what I consider clean? Can I always leave in in clean PC mode?

yes you can leave it in clean pc mode, this is what the mode was created for. CIS assumes everything on your pc is clean and treates anything else as unknown so it will sandbox it or delete it with the AV if its detected. If you need to install something new you will have to change defense + to safe mode or add it to your trusted files.