Clean keyboards with this stuff

i might buy some :slight_smile:


You can send me some too. (:LGH)

I haven’t cleaned mine for 4-5 years, and I won’t clean it ever. The reason is probably because I’m too lazy…
But I should clean out some dust inside my PC… :THNK

I’ve been using this for about 6 months now and it actually works. When I say “works”, the gel picks up ■■■■ out of tight spaces. I can’t verify that it kills germs or brings about world peace, but less crumbs in my keyboard has to be a good thing. :wink:

hey i need plenty of those. is it sold in indonesia too ???

Or maybe people shouldn’t EAT When on the computer/laptop…


Josh, keyboards will get dirty even if you don’t eat while on the PC.


It’s true… I was 49% Joking… 88)

I just put mine in the dishwasher and leave it to dry for about a week…

Well yeah, this one is not even remotely strong enough for my keyboard. :o I just disassamble it, rinse using some detergent and hot water and let it dry for about a day… >:-D

Try having a G15 keyboard. Cant do that with an LCD screen.

Yuck! No, thanks… I prefer the old, trusty classic IBM look and layout keyboards, no multimedia or similar nonsense and definitely no LCDs… Still have one ~15 years old, original IBM masterpiece handy as a backup - ~4lb in weight and fully working! Nothing can beat it! :-TU :stuck_out_tongue:

Macro keys are a must when playing WOW.

WOW, gah… Go do some serious work, slacker! (:WAV) (:WIN)