Clean Endpoint vs Normal Scanning

What would be better when scanning a computer for viruses using the Clean Endpoint or to run a normal scan?

is there any difference?

Clean Endpoint is using Comodo Cleaning Essentials, which is designed for cleaning heavily infected computers.

It is extreme overkill as a standard scan.

My impression was CCE (clean endpoint) found a lot more things than the regular scan would. And if that is the case, not sure why I would ever want to use the regular scan. I guess I’d also like details on the differences.

CCE does seem to give more false positives than the regular scanner. For instance it tells me I have a hijack exe, but I can find details on where the file is located on my hard drive, and no other scanners find any problems with my machine. So I suspect it is just a false positive.

Because you can render your OS inoperable if you don’t know what you’re doing with CCE.

I would suggest ------

Average Users - Run normal scan or MBAM, HitmanPro, etc…

Clean Endpoint is a powerful scan & can give FPs so it is for expert users.

But if something cant be cleaned by other scanners, try clean endpoint but with caution.

I wish if we could have a list of changes/differences in both.

For example the normal scan does not scan for rootkits anymore…