Clean Comodo Reinstall Help Needed.

I have been plagued by niggly little problems with my Comodo CIS v3.10.531 install and decided to start afresh. What is the best way to uninstall Comodo leaving my PC as clean as possible?. My OS is Windows XP Home Edition SP3 and fully up to date.
The problems I have been having are popups telling me updates are available when none are or they install tell me to reboot or not but I can see no difference in the version number as it stays at V3.10.102363.531. I also have a problem that on rebooting my PC for any reason the AV database has started to return to 1145 instead of the latest version which it had been prior to reboot. I then have the stall at 30% problem except that after a few minutes it tells me to reboot again. On reboot I go through the process again and eventually it updates to the latest until sooner or later I have to reboot my PC for whatever reason and yes, you’ve guessed it there I am back at v1145.
Now I am also getting a funny popup telling me that, “Oops, you have just found a bug in Comodo, which needs to close.” I click on send the bug to Comodo but shortly after this my Task Manager freezes up and I need to crash start my PC.
I think perhaps I have just been unlucky and got a buggie downloaded but would like to go for a clean reinstall and would like some advice on doing this.

I also had problems initially with 351. In fact my problems were almost identical you your own.

Typically I use Revo Uninstaller to remove CIS then do a once over with RegScanner just to make sure.

After removing CIS and reinstalling all the problems went away…

Thanks for the reply Quill,
Being 60 and not very PC teckie, are the programs in your link easy enough to use?. I am a bit dubious of registry editors and don’t want to risk deleting an important file etc. Is it safe to delete anything in the registry with Comodo mentioned?.

I’m not that far from that age myself bluesjunior, so don’t worry :slight_smile:

Revo Uninstaller is very easy to use, it’s really just a replacement for Add/Remove programs, but cleans up a little better.

Don’t worry about regscanner, I’ve never had to use it in anger, It’s more habit. Revo is usually enough. Download the program from the link I gave and take a look. I suggest downloading the zip version. you can just extract the archive anywhere you want and run the program, no installation necessary.

Run the program and it will provide a list of installed applications, select cis and choose uninstall from the ribbon at the top, then just follow the prompts. When it get;s to the part where it asks you what you want to delete, choose only the items outlined in blue.

Give me a shout if you need any help.

Thanks again Quill,
Will do.