clean button

clean button in the antivirus alert deletes the file. is this going to change or not. like giving a popup that it will delete the file or more proper the name clean should be changed to delete. currently there are 2 buttons. i strongly feel that there should be a visible quarantine button. a file can be deleted anytime through quarantine. so there should be 3 main buttons in the antivirus alert, disinfect (if it cannot disinfect the file an alert should appear to quarantine and ignore,infact the disinfection should be carried out automatically on detection and when the disinfection fails then there should be an antivirus alert to quarantine and ignore) , quarantine and ignore.


What I especially like compared to other security software is that COMODO always gives you an option what to do with a particular file.

Other products from other vendors, e.g. Avast, I’m not sure how it’s with the latest version but previous versions upon detection automatically deleted or denied access to a file and didn’t give you any option to change it, whereas COMODO allows you to do whatever you want with the file.

That being said, I believe the DEVs might consider this option also.

it would be good if comodo staff will clear that this thing is going to change or not.

I agree with you. It cleans viruses by deleting but at least it also should copy them to quarantine before delete.

any info from comodo staff and or mods here

Don’t know what to tell you guys, I personally would like to see the default action of the clean button be quarantine, and after 10 days if you don’t need the file anymore it should automatically delete it or if it was a FP it should put it back automatically after it scans the quarantine wit the new definitions. But I don’t have any choice in the decision myself.

I like the default to be “Delete”. I mostly just see false positives though, as I am a fairly safe surfer.