Clean and Disinfect, whats the difference?.

Hi. Just wondered what the difference is between clean and disinfect, as to me they both mean click here and the virus will be removed?.


I’m going to guess that one means the file will be deleted and one means it will attempt to repair the infected file.

I’m not using the beta so this is just a guess.

And also, what if I just want to remove the file without quarantining or disinfecting? ???

Hi Guys,

There is a terminology involved to a certain degree. You can say that “disinfection” means “cleaning”
But as far as I understand what’s implied is “healing” particular file(s)
where “cleaning” mostly used in context of - “making whole system infection free”

The disinfection or healing is rather “old fashion” way to fight mainly old style of file tampering

Basically, the creators of the “simple” virus of the past would place a “jump command” and attach a piece of code (to which it jumped ) to the executable, then fix the checksum
Since the structure of executable is a strict thing the latter has specific offset within the special header as a substructure.

So in this case it was possible to get all that an kinda reverse back (heal).

Then usually that kind of in infection was just one executable doing its evil job.

Nowadays the code is not as simple and polymorphic isomorphic modifications of the same infection are cleverly used, therefore the signatures are not helping a lot and sure the heuristics methods are tricked as well.

In addition that is rare now having just one or two executables infected. If you got the contemporary infection that is a complex stuff that you are getting plus a lot will be brought later … until the main one is “waiting to be caught” eventually… but at that point that is too late. In such circumstances the healing even if that is possible doesn’t make much sense.
And that is another reason why there is no way that any AV can perfectly clean the infections in many (or most) cases and special Tools are needed in order to observe the whole system and/or other special Utilities for cleaning accompanied infections.

Unfortunately that is possible only sometimes, but usually that is not the case

Sure, the oldies are still out there and can be identified by signatures but usually healing/disinfecting now is absolutely ineffective method

That’s how I see it


When I tested CIS 4, cleaning/disinfecting just removed (or quarantined, can’t remember which) it.

Hi LaserWraith ,

In this case it is definitely just a matter of terminology used as mentioned

which is =equal to physical removal … but temporarily

Please refresh your memory by pressing “The button” and tell us for sure, but don’t remove something important ;D


I think i found an answer. I chose to disinfect a few nasties when CAV prompted me and was told that the file couldn’t be found every time I chose “Disinfect”. I then did a manual scan and chose to Disinfect the file from the results panel. I got a prompt asking if I want to delete the file from my computer. I’m assuming “Disinfect” is the same as “Remove” was in the 3.x.x versions. See screenshot.

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Hi L.A.R. Grizzly,

Thanks for confirmation.

So “disinfection” by Comodo’s terms means “remove” but not “heal”

You are removing “removing WGA”?
As one of the characters from “Fantastic Mr. Fox” said:

  • “I have no idea what you just said but it sounds illegal!” ;D


a side note: in addition to the legit ways to suppress the notification stated by MS you can download the said tool from reliable sources, e.g.: RemoveWGA.exe from Softpedia

Just tested with 9 on-demand scanners I have here locally
Only a-squared flags it as “Riskware”, which usually means that it can be whitelisted.
Despite saying the truth, Comodo’s detection name looks a bit more scary than it should be :wink:

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I wasn’t removing WGA, I was just using that file to test CAV because I knew it threw a flag. I probably could have used the Eicar test file as well, just didn’t think of it at the time. :a0

Please do not take it seriously, you know - I was joking in the 1st place :slight_smile:

and then, all are allowed to test anything they want - that’s healthy
You haven’t done anything wrong

I have a legit system here and I’ve suppressed all that ridicules annoying stuff that does not help anybody long ago using XP-AntiSpy


To me the term Disinfect should mean clean or repair (I think Norton uses Repair). Remove is more precise. I don’t know why the devs changed the terminology. I find it confusing.

I do agree it is confusing , therefore those questions are emerging

If that is removing it should be called - “remove”
The “Repair” is not good enough and could be confusing too

There should be a distinct difference pointed, so users can understand that quarantining is removing as well and that is why that can be dangerous action


In addition to WGA note:
Moreover, the only way MS can succeed in their “great battle” encouraging the use of legal Software is to reduce the price (for God’s sake!)
They cannot write even their own WGA stuff properly. You can avoid it doing practically nothing. Tested(!).
But people are “sniffing the ■■■■” downloading and getting into troubles that can be avoided if they have to pay $20 instead of $400.

Ya reduce the price please so the common people like me can afford.

By the way Bill gates should have joined comodo. He will be surprised by the shear number of people criticizing him.
Ha i now know y he left facebook.!!!

It is on my VM, and since I have a fairly slow computer it is a process to close somewhat necessary stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m glad L.A.R. Grizzly cleared it up some. :slight_smile: