Classification of Malwares

Hi I’m new on this forum and I very interested in Comodo Internet Security.
There are a complete guide from Comodo Malware naming rules and it meanings? What can we know classification of malwares used by Comodo?
I find this topic, but its far from complete…

I think similar guide, than Kaspersky classification tree, which is a good starting point, but I would like to know, how to name this classes in Comodo products?

There is not really a public list like the one you are asking for.

It does not take much time for one of Comodo Malware Analyst to create such a list.
But, I do not think that Comodo will does such a list. Antivirus is not the focus, even they did not give proper names to malicious samples.
How to give proper names to malwares :

Thank you both. I thought if this list is exists, maybe it is secret for public, but I think should be useful a guide, if Antivirus is find something, I can a better choice if I know which means TrojWare or UnclassifiedMalware or something else. (Of course this two example is clear.)

Comodo is the best tool on the market, believe me :-TU
but Comodo is very bad at naming the samples…
Upload the sample to VirusTotal and check the ESET, Kaspersky, Microsoft detections… Their detection names are very true ones.
You can check the names from their intelligence.

Yeah, I know… I use it since some years… This time, I’m writing a security guide (just for personal use), and I think Malware classification chapter is based on Comodo’s method, but if it isn’t available, I’ll use Kaspersky classification tree.

Good decision, also keep an eye on Microsoft detection names.

Do you think for that for example? It’s also a very impressive list. I’ll use it!

Great example :-TU