Just recently I have been unable to play ClassicFM online rado though I can do so on the Internet worldwide, even then only with IE7. It has been suggested to me that COMODO Firewall might be blocking the programme though I never had any such problem before. The player will load briefly if at all and then…nothing. ClassicFM has been allowed on the firewall, I hope I did this correctly as it is shown as been allowed so what am I doing wrong? This is most frustrating and I would very much appreciate your assistance in solving this problem. I had previously installed a Firefox add-on (AdBlockerPlus) but have since uninstalled it, all to no avail. Can you please help if indeed COMODO is causing the problem. Thank you.

What browser(s) are you using? I tried it here with Opera 10 alpha, FF 3.0.5 and IE 8 beta on Windows 7 beta and it works on all of them

Are you sure you have WMP plugin installed for the concerned browsers? What OS are you on by the way?

Try deleting the rules for the concerned browsers and then set them to browser.

I do have WMP Firefox plugin installed and my OS is Vista. Now you’ve caught me out with the technical stuff: I’ve had a look around on the deleting rules for the browsers concerned but am lost on how to go about it so give a non tech guy an idea on what to do now, that would be greatly appreciated, thanks. ;D

When in the main screen choose → Firewall → Advanced → Network Security Policy → you will see a list of applications. Look up your browsers in that list → select and edit the policy to make sure they are set to web browser → Apply → Apply.

What browsers are you using other than IE 7?

I am using Firefox 3.05 in addition to IE7. I’ve done the Network Policy bit with FF(shown as .exe) does that make a difference? IE is NOT shown in the list. This all started with the FF add-on AdBlocker as far as I’m aware, on which I allowed pop-ups for the site then disabled and finally uninstalled because of the ongoing problem. Am I doomed?

Hi drag_on,have you cleared you temp files/private history.In Firefox Tools/Clear Recent History/From the drop-down choose my entire history/Tick all the boxes and hit “Clear private data”
Alternatively use a cleaner like CCleaner

Tried everything, have been using Ccleaner for ages. The way I feel right now is to go for broke and try Windows 7 beta and to heck if the system goes down, I would reinstall Vista anyway, or should I? I don’t want to lose my cool but all I’m doing is drawing blanks so far >:-D

Open Firefox and go to Options → Applications → now type wmv in the quick search field and see if FF is set to use the FF wmp plugin.

It sure does: "Windows Media Audio\Video file (video\x-ms-wmv).
Under Action: “Use Microsoft Media Player Firefox plugin in Firefox”.
Seems like a lost cause. Could there be some sort of a corrupted file that’s causing this problem? Why on earth Microsoft make it virtually impossible to uninstall WMP is way beyond me as I feel a uninstall/reinstall of the player might have solved the problem, just a thought.