Clash with Norton Antivirus Corporate

I had great hopes for Comodo Antispam - but it does not work properly with Norton Antivirus Corporate (ver - so it will have to go. System gets incredibly slow and times out trying to collect email from POP3 - disable Norton File Realtime Protection and it works OK - sadly virus control is more important to me than spam control

Hi, workflow. As an upcoming certified tech, I would never suggest Norton for many reasons. It integrates into the system far to much and many techs would agree , it’s almost a virus upon itself and rejects other securities. I have had a many happy customers when they had gotten rid of Norton Antivirus Corporate or otherwise. This is just my point of view as I feel Norton does the clashing, not other apps. I don’t just mean Comodo either but many others. As a rule it seems, if you have Norton, you will not likely have other securities. I will never use Norton again, as it slows resources, prevents other apps from working correctly and has caused a motherload of issues for people who thought their computers were dying, other apps wouldn’t run, blocked and prevented other security apps among hundreds of other problems. As I stated, I don’t say this on Comodo’s behalf, I say this from a technical point of view and if you search forums and talk to other techs, they may tell you what they think about Norton as well. Norton real time file protection much like AVG although AVG hasn’t even done so as much, will disable and cause many issues for people, no gaming, imaging programs not running correctly, slow downs of resources almost to a halt when running other security apps and many more. So I am in no way swaying you but just trying to let you know, you may have this issue with others as well.



Not a really a useful reply comicfan2000 … whatever your opinion of Norton’s products they do have a large market share and to have a product that does not work with theirs is not helpful

For one, I do find my replies useful if you think so or not, that’s your choice, no problem. And wasting my time trying to help someone doesn’t bother me either. That said…

It is not just an opinion but a fact that Norton is an overbloated , system integrated, resource eating hog and will eventually do more harm than good. Large market share, is due to still hanging on with companies who are paid to put that junk on boxed PCs. Otherwise no one would buy it, unless those who do because of the “Name” or the “hype” or think they HAVE to because it’s there on the PC when they buy it.
This is not just my opinion but many people’s opinion. So while you say my reply isn’t useful, I don’t much feel you quote about Comodo anti spam holds a spoon of water either. Why? That is in fact YOUR opinion and YOU feel comodo is to blame and will defend Norton because you want to. Not to mention all the people who USE Comodo products and have no problems with them, like ME. Of course , I don’t run Norton either.

While I had hopes for Norton years ago, when it was actually good, it has let me down as well.

I don’t mind you not agreeing with me, that’s your right, but I stated many FACTUAL things about Norton products and what it boils down to is if you want to believe them or not. All you have to do is search. The TRUTH is out there… (:KWL)

There’s Comodo products and then there’s the less than perfect ones. :wink:



Can anyone tell me, is it possible to run Comodo Anti-spam on a system which also have Norton anti-virus or are the two programs incompatible?

I have Norton Antivirus installed. I then downloaded Comodo Anti-spam and it installed without any problem and completed registration. However I don’t seem to be filtering out any spam.

Any suggestions or comments?

Thanks for any help you can provide.