Clarity for Windows Updater Applicatins

Hi folks,after reading quite a lot of posts recently concerning svchost.exe could there be a confirmation of what Windows Files, Windows Updater Appliactions actually concerns.
The only reason i say this is that i do not have an entry for svchost in “Application Rules” but i have “Windows Updater Applications”(out only) with an allow and log out,and when there is communication with my router i see svchost logged in the firewall logs.
Also all DNS queries made with DNS client on are logged again under svchost

Hope this makes sense!!!


Windows Updater Applications are:

You can see them at Defense+ → Common Tasks → My Protected Files → Groups

Cheers ggf31416,i can see and like the way its listed out in D+,i just think its a bit confusing to people when it comes to “Application Rules” on the Firewall side.
I mean come on, svchost isn`t only used when your doing Windows Updates!!

Cheers Matty :-TU