clarification on predefined security policies

Trying to learn CFP 3 here…

I have a quick queston .

Predefined security policy reeds 4 different policies:

  1. Trusted application
  2. Windows system application
  3. Isolated application
  4. Limited application

But in the alert window i also see updater/installer. Isn’t that also a predefined policy or does that only mean that every action from this exe is allowed.


to be consistent there should be an predefined security policy 5 called updater / installer

or am i doing something wrong here ???

thanks chuk :slight_smile:

Looks like “installer or updater” is the only way to allow one exe to run another exe without asking you every time. And Comodo doesn’t want the rule changed. I asked, thinking it had been erased somehow, and Comodo support told me that the rule was protected and not part of the editable Predefined Policies.

Thanks for the info sded !

I had the same thought.
For more info check: