Clarification of IP - Network Control Rules

Working my way through the excellent tutorials and FAQs in these forums (for which, sincere gratitude to all), I have a couple of questions:

  1. Network Control Rules window under Protocol offers 5 options the last one being IP, and if I select that protocol, it generates a tab called IP Details, with Any selected. It appears fairly obvious to me, but can I please confirm that I am correct in understanding that this is listing, i.e. IP, is in effect all internet protocols, especially if Any is selected?

  2. The option above Any, under IP Details, is Custom and one has the option to enter a number. I can’t find anything relating to that in the manual. What’s this all about?

Many thanks.


  1. Technically, IP is not all protocols available because current v2.4 doesn’t support all of them. (at least that’s what I think I recall from one of Egemen’s posts.) Practically, it’s equivalent to all of them.

  2. Good question. I’d like to know as well ;D.

No more debate on GUI/FLOW (:SAD)…
I found that thread few hours ago. One sleepless night passed reading it all (looooooong) and I found the design process closed on Feb 8th? :cry:
Any update?

Oh well…

Read this topic too…
I had to write something

  1. Should be layer three to 5
  2. Internet Protocol Numbers

I believe ‘ANY’ refers to those listed in the drop down box, as opposed to ‘all’ of the IP protocols, of which there are many.


Looks like gibran has nailed it, with the IP Protocol Numbers link (MS site). (:CLP)

Could be handy for creating blocks on certain types of protocols not covered by standard rules in CFP. :THNK



Just tested it I’m currently monitoring IP6 IN/OUT traffic nailed down a specific domain.

The test was composed of 4 logging rules

  1. Allow ANY IP IN FROM xxxxx
  2. Allow ANY IP OUT TO xxxxxx
  3. Block IP proto 41 IN FROM xxxxx
  4. Block IP proto 41 OUT TO xxxxxx

Rule 1 & 2 popped in the log.