Comodo Lock and Key!

So do you online bank? Forget your password? Makes you mad? Trying to get on your favorite website and forgot the password? Well with CLAK all your worries are taken care of.Take KeePass and put a comodo style to it a wa la! CLAK is done very simple and easy to use holds your all passwords so now when your online you only have to remeber one.

Some other companys are doing this
-Bitdefender’s Anti-Theft Bitdefender Security Software Solutions for Home Users
-Norton’s Identity Safe
-Kaspersky’s Password Manager
-Trend Micro’s DirectPass

this sounds like a cool idea, but if other people are doing it, why would you want Comodo to do it? I, myself ask, why would you want something like this? Even if it does remember all your passwords, I think that it could be a security risk. I think of it as someone saving a credit or debit card to a website so that they don’t have to enter the number everytime they enter the website and buy something. Then you hear about all these cc numbers that get stolen off of websites. If the number isn’t on the website, it’s probably not going to get stolen.

This is true but you must think off all the people that don’t know about saving passwords to website is a bad thing…I mean you and I understand that but many people do not. With CLAK you won’t have to save your passwords to website when you have them in a Secure Lock Comodo Box… And many people forget their passwords ( you should always write them down but once again most people will not) there for you have a safe box that has your info…so if you forget it you can just open it up and have it inside. It like a bank account or safety deposit box…

??? Again!?

That was discussed dozens, rather hundreds of times
Please use Search in the 1st place here in the forum, like: “password manager”/etc.

Comodo even had similar product - i-Vault, which was discontinued long ago
I hope you can understand the reason(s)

Finally, indeed … use LastPass or KeePass (don’t forget about its portable version, which is extremely convenient)
and/or whatever you prefer


Thank you. We don’t need another password manager on here.

Fine fine scrap the idea i think of something else lolz ;D

If you guys would be so nice to look at CFC…I believe it has a much better chance :-La :-TU

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