Citrix ICA Connection and failure!

I connect to a Citrix ICA Connection thru the Citrix Programme Neighbourhood via a SSL Citrix Access Gateway (CAG). It all works with my laptop with Comodo FW, but my PC with Comodo FW fails to allow Citrix traffic although it establishes the VPN through the CAG. Both the laptop and the PC are set up in exactly the same way and if I close Comodo on my PC I can successfully connect up, proving the FW is getting in the way of progress.

Any clues how I can allow all traffic for anything to do with Citrix and the SSL gateway?

If I cannot find a solution I will uninstall Comodo and go back to ZoneAlarm.

Any advice will be received with thanks


XP SP2, Citrix ICA32

I have exactly the same problem as you. Disable Comodo Firewall & all is OK. Uninstall Comodo … install free ZoneAlarm & all works OK!!

Very frustrating!!

There have been some users who thought they had problems with CFP and their VPN. In fact some of these turned out to be a result of leftover files from previous Zone Alarm installations that caused the problem.Might be worth reading this:;msg6300#msg6300

To quote gustav:

“Actually, the problem was not with yhe VPN, as it turned out, but with the residue of Zonealarm, which I had not completely uninstalled. The presence of a vsdatant.sys file in an indication that this is the case. To get rid of it you will need to reinstall Zonealarm (having first unstalled Comodo Firewall), then do a clean unixtall, as per the instructions found here,
be sure to do everything suggested and afterwards verify that there is no vsdatant listed in the hiidden non plug and play devices. This solved a lot of problems for me.”