cistray.exe showing up in applications list in task manager

Hello, Whenever I open up my task manager in the applications list (Not processes) there’s a running task that says COMODO Internet Security Premium I can’t terminate it and when I click on it brings up the widget on the desktop I tried going into killswitch and restarting it and also uninstalling comodo and reinstall using chirons uninstall method but neither ways make it disappear from task manager, im not sure if this is a bug from updating to 6.3 that I didn’t notice until now or what if anybody has a similar occurrence I would love to hear from you. Thanks, Antler.

Oh and this same issue is on two computers in my household.

Hi Antler,
If the Widget is set to ‘Show’, this service will be running.
Default is enabled.
Right click the CIS tray icon and under the Widget remove the tick from ‘Show’ to disable the Widget.
Tray icon Widget Help

Kind regards.

So if the widget is enabled it shows up as a running applications in windows task manager now? was this recently implemented in 6.3? because it didn’t use use to do this. attached a picture to clarify what im talking about when i disable the widget this disappears

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Hi Antler,
I am not sure about the previous version, but this is how V6.3 is acting.

The applications tab is showing the applications started by the currently logged in Windows user.
Speculation: I imagine this is done for some settings/applications within CIS to allow more control over individual settings as a per user basis.

So this is happening on your system too?

Yes identical to your description.