CIS's Unclassified labeling

Lets look at this scenario. You go to the Doctors cause you are very ill and want a proper diagnosis. You explain to the Doctor about your illness. Hours later after He examines you then you have your diagnosis. The Doctor tells you that you have " an illness". So you reply back “What kind of illness?”. The Doctor then looking perplexed says " Just an unclassified illness". You go home and tell you family the news. You proceed to tell them your very ill with an “unclassified illness”. Now would you except that as an explanation. Do you feel comfortable telling your family and friends that you have an illness but the Doctor has no idea what it is. Look at all the other av companies in VirusTotal. They all label them. Whats wrong with CAV. Cant explain it but you know its bad. Blah.

Just read all those posted. And guess what. All av companies have name tags for these viruses but not CAV. Anyone getting this.

SoccerDad: If you feel that strongly about CIS’s Unclassified labeling, then please start a new topic rather than polluting this one. Thanks.

I am not polluting it. It is all related. The links clearly show CAV detecting things. But CAV has no idea what they are. Its all related. If you want proper recognition for detection of malware then you need proper labels to go with it.

Indeed? Well, I disagree. Your most recent posts have been split.

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Unclassified Malware names are generated by CAMAS/CIMA system. Basically these are machine generated detection signatures. Their system doesn’t have the ability to name even generically the stuff it detects.
But they said there are some plans for that feature.

Every other av out there adds names. Why cant CAV? Is it that hard.

Read my post again. These signatures are NOT created by human hand, they are machine generated.
Others also use names like “Generic Malware” (especially AVG) which is no specific by name.
avast! is using Win32:Trojan-gen for machine generated signatures. There is a basic outline on what characteristics belong to what malware family, but thats still too demanding task for computer to decide.


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Soccerdads analogy is flawed. Let me explain why

A doctor cannot offer a cure unless he/she knows exactly whats wrong with the patient.
But an AV can cure a PC of a malware without giving it a name.


PS: I thought it was worth posting this as it related specifically to the OT’s flawed analogy hence unlocked the thread just to post this.