CISPremium won't install (no error message)

I’m running Windows 10 64-bit. I was having a problem with CIS where it would keep updating the same signatures every time (I would update manually; the widget was green even if there hadn’t been a recent update), starting with 29655, the one of approx. 342MB. So I uninstalled CIS through add/remove programs, started Windows on safe mode and used the removal tool. Then I restarted Windows and tried to reinstall CIS, without success. The package would extract, SmartScreen would appear, I would give permission and then a box would appear saying “Please wait…”. I would wait and nothing would happen. This also happened with the offline installer, except the box saying “Please wait…” wouldn’t even appear.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • halberd

Check your temp folder for the CIS logs ones that have a filename of cmdinstall, and attach them all into an archive and the attach here. Also which removal tool did you use? What is your exact Windows 10 version and build number?

Are you using the online or offline installer? In case you are using the online installer. Did you ever change the Hosts file to be able to run CIS beta build updates?

I’m running the following Windows version:

Windows 10 Home
Version 1803
OS build 17134.285

I used the the “ciscleanuptool_x64.exe” removal tool which is mentioned on this forum.

I did not change the Hosts file.

Attached are the log files.

Did the log files contain anything relevant?

All logs indicate you were running the online installers and it failed part way through downloading the files with HTTP 404 response codes. Clean your temp files and run the offline installer found in the release topic and post logs again if it fails.