Cisco VPN causes Comodo to crash

For the record I’ve gotten many random crashes (blue screens) when using Comodo and Cisco VPN together. Without Comodo (just Windows firewall) but using Cisco VPN – no crashes. Without Cisco VPN (regular windows VPN) but using Comodo – no crashes. But combine the two, and crashes occur all the time.

I am using Vista 32 Business, on an Lenovo X61 tablet.

Hello Sano88,

What version of the VPN Client are you using ?
There are still a lot of bugs in the 5.x version for Vista i had problems with standby and Cisco vpn guaranteed BSOD.
What’s your definition of a crash ? Does is blue screen/BSOD do you have a minidump maybe you can attach it so we can run it trough windebug to see the possible cause (vpn or comodo driver).