Cisco network connection triggers reboot

Kudos to the hardworking Comodo developers. I’ve been using Comodo for some time on my old Pentium 4 Windows XP SP3 machine and really like the way it protects without trying to take over the computer.

That being said, I’m recovering from a major trojan hijacking of my PC and have reinstalled Comodo with the latest version.

My workplace asks that we use Cisco VPN for tunnelling, so I’ve also reinstalled the VPN app – now running Cisco VPN

With the older version of Comodo I had no VPN problem. With the latest version there’s a possible compatibility problem with the Cisco VPN, or vice versa. (Actually, I’m not sure it’s a Cisco-specific issue.) With the new Comodo, I can log into the remote network okay, but immediately a Comodo Network dialog box pops up. Before I have time to do anything (even read the content of the dialog box) my system reboots, presumably at Comodo’s behest.

Is there some action I can take ahead of time to make Comodo happy about my remote network connection? Thanks in advance for your advice.

You can try disabling “Automatically detect new private networks” under Miscellaneous → Settings → General.

Since this is a bug would you be so kind to submit the minidump in BSODs: Please add your minidump files here. Please follow the instructions in the topic start on how to submit. This will greatly help the devs to solve the bug.