CISC. Install fails. Error: 1603

I have tried many times for months to install CISC but is has just failed.

I have had GeekBuddy try to help a few times, using a lot of time, and also uninstalling way too much stuff in attempts at being able ti install CISC on my PC. So I gave up in trying to, a long time as a result.

The error I get is Error: 1603.

I have gotten this error even after I had literally uninstalled all of my security software and even when using msconfig to use Windows with as little stuff running as possible, again after uninstalling all of my security software, when doing normal boot or when using a different boot like minimal, or safe boot with networking, etc.

I uninstalled other Comodo products as well, before, I have tried so many times, I have given up before a
few times, it always fails, whether trying to install CISC, or the few other Comodo versions.

I have used Comodo Internet Security Pro before for a long time on my PC, and it used to be great.

I am struggling to figure what I can do to make it possible for me to use CISC or any Comodo firewall.

I know that GeekBuddy will likely waste time in what will only be messing up my PC more by only ininstalling my installed software, and that is not useful for me, it also did not result in it being possible to install any Comodo app.

My choice before has been that if I really need to uninstall basically almost every installed software on my PC to try to make Comodo work as far as even making it possible to even install, that that would represent a set of things that necessarily makes Comodo not anything I want to even try to install, since, amazingly,
I do not own and run a PC for the sole purpose of making it possible for me to run a security app.

Alone. By itself. And nothing else other than Windows. Period.

That is not what I have and use a PC for. If you can believe it.

GeekBuddy is good at uninstalling many apps and it still does not make it possible to install Comodo on my PC.

I had paid versions of software uninstalled by them that I do not know why theu needed to, such as
an expensive paid for defragmenter app, Diskeeper Premium, and it costs a lot.

Of course I could reinstall it, that and the well, scores of software they uninstalled.

I have since reinstalled many but not all.

Interestingly, there are incompatibilities within Comodo products themselves with each other or with some PC’s to try and run them that are not readily known or apparent when getting the many various software available at the Comodo site.

Like, I made the mistake long ago to install Comodo Verification Engine on my Windows 7 64 Ultimate PC, I had many other software from Comodo also.

I would like to install and use CISC as I have a paid for license to use it, and I also think it to be the best firewall.

I do not really want to uninstall any more to do so. If all that can be done is to uninstall software to
try to make Comodo run, it’s not a good soultion.

I really would like to install and use CISC.

I have done without a firewall for a while, and I do not like that at all. So I want to use CISC, or perhaps some other lesser version of Comodo, if that may be necessary.

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When I try to install, the COMODO Installer stops part of the way through, like at 32%, and it shows:

Cannot install COMODO Internet Security Error: 1603. Fatal error during installation.

Thanks you.



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I believe you’ve probably already tried this, but please give the advice I provide in this topic a try. Make sure to follow the advice in the order in which it is given and let me know if it works.

Thank you.

Hi lawrenceconnor,

The only way to find the cause is to follow this procedure:

You can find the .msi file in the C:\ProgramData\Comodo Downloader\cis\download\installs\xml_binaries\cis folder after you have started the .exe installer.
It should extract there, copy the .msi before the install rollsback and then follow the above procedure.

And please provide the msi install logging here so we can further analyze the issue.