CIS7 auto detect private networks not working

Before upgraded to CIS7 version 7.0.315459.4132 all pc’s auto detected network and all computers and files were accessible.

I’ve got 4 WinXP and 2 Win7 computers networked. All running CIS7 version 7.0.315459.4132.
Win7 pc’s were upgraded to CIS7 by uninstalling CIS6 and installed and auto detected network without a hitch.

2 WinXP pc’s were upgraded to CIS7 by uninstalling CIS 6 and the other 2 pc’s were ungraded to CIS7 via CIS6 update facility.
All 4 XP pc’s were switched off and rebooted a number of times, however the network was not auto detected, so I added a network zone and address manually then switched off and rebooted.

On the WinXP pc’s I can access files on the Win7 pc’s through existing file shortcuts but cannot gain access to files on the WinXP pc’s. When network workgroup via explorer is accessed only the host WinXP computer is listed

On the Win7 pc’s non of the WinXP pc’s are accessible either through existing file shortcuts or display icons via network workgroup in explorer.

Please help!

Why has this been moved to a help section when this is clearly a bug with CIS7? >:(

If you believe this is a bug post it in the bug section