I already read all the threads about how to configure CIS to accept VPN connections, but no one helps me… Most of them are incomplete so basically I didn’t find an answer.
My win7 runs a VPN created with the wizard, and I can’t make any connection from other devices without disabling fw, simply no way to get it works.
Thus I’m asking you, after I did a fresh installation of CIS (default rules), to tell me what rules I’ve to set, step by step, to let my VPN works in the right way. Maybe it’ll we be the solving thread for all the ppl who have problems with the VPN!
Thanks in advance for your reply.

Have you read through this thread? Basically, if you’re hosting a PPTP VPN, you’ll need to allow inbound connections to the System process.

If the information above doesn’t help, please post details of your firewall settings, Application and Global rules and any relevant firewall log entries.

Goodmorning RADAGHAST,
yes I did. I read the thread and set the rules you suggested, but unfortunately nothing changes.
Same block on the log:

Windows Operating SYstem >>> Block >>> In >>> TCP >>> …

My firewall settings is the default one (except for the 2 you suggest), so I have a fresh installation of comodo and I didn’t change anything.
Some ideas?
Thanks in advance.

Can you tell me what your firewall Global rules are please. if you’re using the Internet Security configuration, you have a global block rule which will prevent the inbound connections.

It may be helpful if you post screen shots of your Application and Global rules

Good morning and thanks foy your reply, heare I post 2 screenshot of my rules… firewall is sets SECURE.
Only one thing, as you see the language is ITALIAN, I try to change it in ENGLISH but the rules name stay in ITALIAN anyway, so I hope you can understand.

Thanks in advance,

Unfortunately, I can’t see the details of your System rules, however, try removing the Global Block rule - the last rule in the list of Global rules.

Sorry for the late of my answer…

I post 2 screenshot with more details.

If I delete the last rule, does it mean that anyone could access my PC?

Thanks for your reply

Thanks for the update. Unfortunately, the first image is unreadable for me. With regard to the block rule, from what I can see you appear to be behind some kind of NAT/router device? If so, you’re already protected from inbound connections. However, if you want to keep the rule - it is quite useful for filtering out junk traffic - you simply need to create an inbound rule for your VPN connection above.

Global Rules:

Rule 1 - Allow VPN In
Rule 2 - Block everything else In