CIS5 -> CIS7 questions

I’m not sure this is the right place for these questions, so feel free to move it if necessary:

I had been waiting for an auto-update offer before upgrading to v6, and now I see v7 is out. Is there
a) a design decision to not auto-update from v5
b) any reason on Windows 7 x64 SP1 to NOT update to v7
c) any special steps I should take beyond downloading the v7 installer and running it?

a. we are not sure why comodo never pushed updates for v6. We are hoping they are going to push v7.
b. no, there have been MANY vulnerability fixes and important improvements since v5 so its recommended to update
c. Most effective way to reinstall/upate CIS to avoid/fix problems. Also remember to export your current config so you can import later this will save your rules and settings. Also read the stickies in this topic to get info about new features and known issues with v7.