CIS4 / vmware ws7 / bittorrent port forwarding

hi there.
i’m running cis4 on Windows 7 and use a WinXP virtual machine running within VMware Workstation 7 to run uTorrent (as well as a number of other apps which all work ok).

I am having problems with port fowarding to the VM client when Comodo is running on the host

The VM is using a bridged network connection
I have a port forwarded on my modem/router to the IP of the VM
If I run a port check using uTorrent on the WinXP machine while Comodo firewall is running on the Win7 machine then it fails (as well as problems with incoming connections). No firewall is running on the XP VM.
If I disable Comodo FW on the Win7 box then the port check on the XP VM works fine.

Any ideas why this would be happening? I can see no blocks in the Comodo logs (although there doesn’t seem to be a lot in there at all!), and would have thought that VMware traffic wasn’t filtered by the firewall on the host (i.e. all or nothing).

This setup used to run fine when running on the same setup, only within Vista, before a Win7 rebuild. I do remember having to play around with the firewall back when I first set everything up in Vista (I had to move to comodo from EST as I had major problems around that and VMware) - but unfortunately I don’t remember what I changed (or if it was even related to this kind of problem)

I’ve had a search around but don’t seem to be able to find anyone with a similar problem

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


What are your Global Rules for the XP installation in the VM? Please post a screenshot of them.

I’m not running Comodo in the VM, just Windows firewall. I’m only running the Comodo firewall on the host running VMware. If you mean the Global Rules on there I can check when I get home this evening.
Thanks for the reply.

Thanks Eric, that pointed me in the right direction, the catch all global rule that was blocking incoming traffic from any IP to any IP on any port was obviously blocking it. I added another rule above it to allow connections from any IP to the IP of the VM on the port used by uTorrent and it now connects fine.

Cheers for your help, I didn’t think the host firewall rules would affect the VM as I thought the bridged network would allow any connection through if it was going to the VM’s IP.
Nice one

I guess you removed the All Appliations rule in Program Rules list. Is that correct?