CIS4 SPTD Alcohol 120% conflict

I’m having a hard time getting Alcohol 120% running with the latest version of CIS, it ran fine with CIS v3.

With my currently installed version of Alcohol 1.9.6 it reports that it cannot load the driver SPTD, even when fully trusted and in learning mode.

I tried uninstalling, removing SPTD and installing the latest version of Alcohol but CIS prevented the Alcohol installer from installing the driver.

Disabling D+ didn’t help, I had to uninstall CIS to use Alcohol again.
Please note that CIS didnt pop up any errors and nothing mentioned in the log files either.

My config is as follows:
XP SP3, latest patches as of today.
Running as admin.
The only other security software I’m using is:
Avast 5 fully up to date.
Sandboxie 3.442

Renaming the guard32.dll seems to fix this but I’d rather stick with CIS v3 than delete parts of CIS4.

From what I can gather security software conflicts with SPTD (and related software such as Alcohol and Daemon Tools that rely on that driver) aren’t uncommon.

I’ll stick with CIS v3 until more of the kinks in v4 have been ironed out.

In fact, is there a valid reason not to stay with CIS 3 that I know works with my config?
I use it more for the firewall really, the HIPS isnt that important to me, I use it more to control outbound than inbound thanks to being behind a NAT+firewall router.

Ok, enough of my lack of sleep induced rambling :slight_smile:

Has this been resolved? I just upgraded my Comodo Internet Security and getting similar problems with my Alcohol 52% installation.


I have no idea but you can put Alcohol 120% as an exclusion by going to
defense+ -->defense+ Settings -->Exclusions. There you have to press “Add”