CIS4 Black Theme

Update: I changed the names of the themes so as they are reflected in the drop down menu … (both blue and black themes attached now )

Saw the theme thread made by Soyabeaner specifically for the available skins and I decided to add this black version I am currently using to the list …

IF a mod or Soyabeaner wants to just move this /add this thread to the sticky thread on skins, that will be good too …

The zip file is attached … :wink:

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That looks pretty slick. :-TU

Looks very nice. :-TU

Just one thing the name of the theme in the comodo is Red Normal, try to fix it please.

At least I am experiencing this problem. Image below

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I have the same, try to search for RED only there is one in the resource files if you change that to BLACK and reattach it to the theme it should be fixed.

It’s the same trick i did on your also excelent BLUE theme :wink:

Ronny you will add this theme to the theme’s post?

Sure but maybe it’s better to just wait for the version that has “Black” in the drop-down list and then add it?

Yeah you are right. But again thanks to mindlessmissy.

Where do I find these themes and how do I “install” them?

Modified version that shows “Black” in the themes drop-down box.

p.s. it’s the THEMES_INI that holds the label.

DisplayName = Black
ToolTip = Black color scheme

I’ll add this on to the stickied post for themes.

And thanks + credits again to mindlessmissy :-TU

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You can find them here:

Save them to \program files\comodo\comodo internet security\themes folder and select them from More, Settings, Themes, exit the GUI using Systray icon, exit and restart the GUI now it should show the new theme.

niceee jobbb with the blue and black theme dude !!! made me very happy ;D these 2 themes should be in cis by default :wink:

That is awesome. very very nice.

I’m not sure if mindlessmissy classifies as “dude” but anyway :wink:
And agree it would be a very nice addition to the default Red theme.


Thanks. :-TU

I wonder if Comodo and mindlessmissy could come to some sort of agreement and put these themes into official installation package. These themes are made on professional level and since the work has been already done I don’t see a reason why not to use it. I bet that some subscribing customers would appreciate that too.

Very nice. Thank you.

Hey guys…

I believe in the latest and current CIS release, Blue theme is now included (not by default, but now you can choose between COMODO Style Red Normal and COMODO Style Blue Normal).

If some one can help me confirm this, uninstall then download latest CIS and let me know if I’m correct or not. :slight_smile:

i just uninstalled and reinstalled with the latest version and it only came with the default red and nothing else
if yours did come with a blue theme you should attach it i would really love to have a blue theme

the themes are in C:\program files\Comodo\comodo internet security\themes


Thanks for testing.

Maybe when CIS uninstalls it does not clean up the themes folder, since I had the blue theme before… However, when reinstalling the name changed.

The blue theme is attached in this thread - Same theme. :slight_smile:

Thanks :-TU