cis4.1 currepted, unable to uninstall cis 4.1

cis 4.1 on windows7 ultimate 32bit. tried to run diagnostics but failed to correct the error, got this is the bug report

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WHAT IS THIS…i am unable to boot…

Try booting in Windows Safe Mode and run this clean up tool to uninstall CIS.

Then boot back in Windows and install it again.

it did not work…anyway thanks…
i reinstalled the every thing works fine…but i am going to use comodo cis 4.1 no matter what ever happens. its because i love comodo’s attitude towards security and i believe its my duty to provide every support to comodo.

Thank you for sticking with Comodo. :-TU

One of my family members talked me into installing comodo again. I last used it at version 3 and really wasn’t satisfied. I am now using version four after having been satisfied with Avast for a while…I was really curious and wanted a change.

However my family member who is a gamer was telling me that Cmdagent was using too much ram and his games were lagging and tried to uninstall and said that he couldn’t uninstall CIS 4.1 and it caused some bad error in which Comodo was still running in the background even though it was supposed to have been uninstalled and ended up having to do a system restore.

This is has caused me to become worried. I haven’t found any lag and my computer is working fine with comodo but I don’t like having a program on my computer that I might not be able to remove.

Please resolve this…I am really looking forward to CIS 5 and I cannot wait to try it.

It normally runs fine, but sometimes there are problems.

If you have problems uninstalling it please see this.

I am a gamer too and never felt any lag in games. cmdagent.exe when idle takes about 5-7 mb that is nothing. I play lots of games and none of them lagged because of comodo. If you are a gamer you are supposed to have a decent rig so no security program is a threat for you :smiley:

Uninstall of CIS may be tricky because uninstaller is not the best and it usually leaves files and drivers. Therefore it’s recommended to uninstall CIS using Revo uninstaller free that is capable of running a scan after uninstall and shows you all leftover that you can delete.

I don’t know what he was thinking.
He was really paying attention to page file usage instead of physical ram but I myself have noticed some spikes in ram usage where cmdagent is using 18 megs and he was showing me his was using 22 megs.
He knows his computer better then I do. I’m not much of a gamer and I have much less ram in my pc then he does which confuses me because I’m the one who should be seeing slow down not him.

I also added Immunet as a layerd protection and still no lag so I’m satisfied. Just the uninstall issue bugs me.

I hope Comodo improves their uninstallers.

Is CIS 5 ready for the public?? Or is it still too risky to use??

It should be released soon. Maybe even tomorrow.

There don’t seem to be any major bugs remaining, but we won’t know for sure until many more people try it.

Don’t be afraid!
Even big boys like Norton and Kaspersky suggest to use special uninstall tools, because their normal uninstallers leave tons of files.

So just uninstall it with revo uninstaller. it’s a great program and free. Google how to use it, but if i remember correct delete only files and keys that are bolded. because you can damage your windows by deleting too much :wink:

I didn’t really like Revo, I’m not confident enough in my ability to pick the right file or key for deletion.

Also does CIS 4 have problems with AMD processors? because my relative has it and I don’t.

I don’t really know where to get CIS 5…

It will be announced in the News / Announcements / Feedback - CIS board. The forums will get it first.