[CIS3.8] about clean pc mode, the learning style be simplified

Besides reg keys and file/folders, simple turn all to allow.

feature requests
Please get options to set use new style or old style.

new style - besides reg keys and file/folders, simple turn all to allow. for beginner users
old style - each action into learning, application behavior analysis/trace. for advanced users

Sorry for my bad english.

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Hello Natori. (:HUG)

I think a new “style” or interface with new popups is planned! One for the more advanced users that want to see as many options as possible and a simpler one, that hopefully will be easier to new users.

When this new “style” will be released I don’t know. And if it will contain those requests of yours I don’t know either. But it will hopefully be simpler and its planned to be included in the 3.9 version or version 4.

I think someone else can comment on this further. (:LOV)

if use Clean Pc Mode/Safe mode with “My Own Safe Files” (or say this is “Safe List/Trusted Software” learning style),
I can’t know my applications behavior,saved this behavior, step by step to easy tweaking my defense+ rules,
or pre-tweaking the rules for use the high defense+ security level in the future.

Sorry for my bad english.