cis19DD.exe missing

I did a scan with sysinternals Autoruns and it tells me that there is a missing file in a Task Scheduler item. The item’s author is COMODO Security Solutions Inc. and the action is C:\ProgramData\cis19DD.exe --PostUninstall {15198508-521A-4D69-8E5B-B94A6CCFF805}.
The missing file is cis19DD.exe. Is it safe to delete the Task Scheduler item or do I need this file? The file is nowhere on my computer. CIS is not giving me any problems.


Hi DrStrange,
I have been pondering over this question and I have no certain answer.
So the following is just a guess.
I would assume being ‘PostUninstall’ that it is possibly a temporary clean-up process created by an uninstall or program update.
I have no such entry, so I would assume it to be an obsolete left over entry caused by a small glitch during a program update or uninstall.

If my assumptions are correct it would be safe to remove the entry, still at your own risk of course.
Before removing the entry, you may prefer to disable it for awhile and make sure nothing untoward happens.
Also it maybe worth checking the triggers and actions of the task in Windows task scheduler.

Kind regards.

it is likely a left over of an installation. See if disabling it in Task Manager breaks anything.