CIS WAS great, unobtrusive, working quietly in the corner with just occasional notification of things needing attention. Since the re-vamp a flashy panel invading the top right corner of the screen and even more frustrating - Privdog, I have spent time discovering how to remove it having found it in Control Panel which advises closing it before uninstall but no indication of how to close! Finally arrived here to find it is a Firefox extension. I have used CIS for a long time and been confident in its security. Now, too flashy and now setting me thinking about an alternative.

Hi Thorrun,
PrivDog was optional during installation.
When removing PrivDog, close your browsers.

Regarding the widget in the top left corner.
Right click the widget or notification area icon, hover over widget and deselect show.

Kind regards.

To be involved need effort for a good result and the "flashy panel " can bring a great help _ few alternative are sometimes better, sometimes not and try that it suits you is the right decision : i, i tried a lot of soft and now i chose cis _ avast is more intrusive & more ‘flashy’ , other firewall are more discreet but need more attention and balancing action/reaction is a challenge where cis success.
Privdog is oriented usa-users , so it is excluded of your need but you could say the same thing about almost all the firefox add-on which adblock , abine , ghostery, privacylist etc , .