Installed CIS 6.2 manually couple of days ago. So 2 questions that I have so far failed to find easy answers to.

  1. How, as I fiddled around with various settings do I restore all defaults. Have tried to research this topic but found no easy answer, at least in this version.
  2. Can I get CCleaner to securely delete the Virtual Kiosk
    Apart from the above really love the latest version.
    Ta in advance

1. This is something that I do not know but would also like to know.

  • Go to Advanced Settings.
  • Navigate to “Configuration” in the left menu.
  • Expand the arrow at the bottom of the window or right-click anywhere in the field with the configurations.
  • Click “Import”.
  • Navigate to the place where you installed Comodo Internet Security, for me it’s “C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security” then choose the configuration you want out of Firewall, Internet and Proactive Security.
  • Click Open.
  • Name it to what you want to call it, don’t change the name if you want to overwrite the older configuration.
  • Either click the configuration then click “Activate” on the bottom options bar or Right-click the configuration and click “Activate”
  • If it tells you to reboot then do so.

2. If it is secure I do not know but you can add C:\VTRoot (it’s hidden) otherwise you can use the “Reset Sandbox” function in CIS to reset the virtual kiosk, at least I think it resets the virtual kiosk, it should. I would recommend using the reset sandbox feature in CIS.

To return to default setting go to configurations in advanced settings import whatever configuration you are using and activated it.

Please note this action does affect the database folder ie:- Trusted files, Trusted Vendor list, etc.

Sorry cannot help with Virtual Kiosk as I do not use it.


Think I may have it but not 100%
Ta for quick response