I am running CSI 3.13.121240.574 on winXP SP3 Pro on DELL laptop Inspiraon 630m
(This same behavioud has been exhibited by all ver 3.x.xxxx).

I do travel a lot and many times i left behind the mouse. When i go onto the net and scroll using the mousepad to scroll up/down left/right CIS will popup asking if i should allow the program SynTPEnh.exe to execute. That program is Synaptices touchpad that allows one to use the mousepad to scroll by moving the finger up/down left/right along the right/bottom edge of the pad - avoids from having to click the scrollbars!

Unfortunately, this very action will kill (lock up) the whole system. Keypad keys are temporarily locked also. Since there is no mouse I am unable to reply yes to CIS. I have to remove battery shutdown and restart - this time remembering never to scroll with the touchpad. I now simulated the same problem at home and when than happens, i plug iin a mouse and click yes allow, remember action. That solves the problem.

But I do forget when I reload a new version of CIS.

Can CSI be made to accept keystrokes in the event the mouse is locked?


Known problem. Best thing to is to make the Synaptics part of your My Trusted Software Vendors (Defense + → Common Tasks). With D+ in Safe Mode it will automatically make rules for the Synaptic programs.