CIS works great! wait .... to great

running into several issues where comodo internet security (free version) just want let certain programs gain access…

for example
i am using ups world ship - as a remote workstation

  • whenever there is a ups update to install - i get an error stating the patch was installed but the last patch update date could not be changed
    -my solution was to disable the firewall and try once more - - didn’t work
    -my next solution was to add a trusted app to the firewall settings - - didn’t work
    -my final solution was to just uninstall CIS - - worked !

i still love the program and would love to reinstall it - but affraid it will just restrict some of the apps i use daily at work?

note* i got these errors on a fresh computer with only a few programs installed (office, google chrome, and worldship)
windows xp sp3

what version of CIS?

free version

any updates to this?

I have a felling that the UPS program is not part of the safe vendors list, can you submit it here and give them a little time to get it working

To get it to work remotly you have to know what port it uses and the IP of the remote station. Then you just add a rule to make it work. Basically you are doing the same thing people do to make torrent programs work. Comodo Forum

but why wouldn’t it work if i disabled the firewall
and added the program to the safe list within the program (see first post)

I don’t know why, it might be because when you disable the firewall what you are doing is disabling the outbound control and other features but the inbound control is still active. Also do you still have windows firewall enabled? If you please turn it off.

no i have since uninstalled CIS because of the worldship issues
windows firewall was turned off and is still turned out

i was just thinking the program was still restricting traffic even with the firewall turned off - my thinking is if the firewall is turned off it should not be restricting any traffic at all and therefor the worldship application update should have worked