Cis worked fine, updated and now it keeps freezing the computer

Been running comodo for a long time on a windows 7 64bit computer and it worked fine, if i had more then 2 programs crash in 3 months it was alot then comodo wanted to update and i ended up with comodo internet security premium 7.0.317799.4142 and now my computer freeze’s up all the time and it sucks extra hard for me because everytime it crashes my raid 1 array wants to verify all data and its not exactly a quick process and µtorrent runs integritychecks as well.

Usually it starts with a partial freeze, first windowsrelated functions stops working, µtorrent and firefox 29 freeze’s early on.
Vlc and winfast pvr usuall keeps working for more then 5 minutes.

Sofar it have only crashed once when i wasnt using the computer, µtorrent ran an integritycheck on some files and when i came back µtorrent stopped responding and nothing else worked.
Every time it have frozen when im using the computer is when i access a file or when i click a link in firefox to download a file.

Ctrl + alt + del has no effect, cant shut down any programs what so ever so im forced to make a hard reset and reboot.
Cis have not made any dumps, i never get bluescreen and harddrive activity is almost 0 during a freeze.

Can it be the AV part freezing up when it attemps to intercept and scan a file?

I’m not sure exactly why this may be happening. However, before we try to narrow down the problem let’s first try a clean reinstall. To do that please reinstall CIS by following the advice I give in this topic. Remember that after reinstalling it’s best that you do not import an old configuration. That may be part of the problem.

Let me know if these freezes happen even after reinstalling by following the advice I give in that topic.


Naturally it froze when i tried to download the software, would it be of any use to se what happens if i disable AV for the rest of the day?

Reinstalling by following those methods is very important when ruling out many possible issues. It also may be able to fix this.

Thus, please concentrate on reinstalling. If it will not let you uninstall normally first, then boot into Safe Mode and run the removal tools. Doing this a few times should be able to get it removed.


I kinda missed several steps of the reinstall :-[ uninstalled the software, rebooted, checked if all files in installationfolder had been removed and then installed a new copy.
Access to internet was disabled before uninstallation and enabled after cis had finished installation.

Been using the computer for 2 days now and it has not frozen or crashed so seems that did it.
Cheers :-TU

I’m happy to hear that it seems fine now. In that case I will now move this report to Resolved. Let me know if the issue returns.


Computer is freezing at random again, found this in windows logbook, translated from swedish, any idea what it could be?

Error encountered in program named: cmdagent.exe, version 7.0.55655.4142, timestamp 0x534eeb61
, error encounted in module named: cmdurlflt.dll, version 7.0.53315.4132, timestamp 0x5331cecc
Exception code: 0xc0000417
Wrong offset: 0x00000000002112a8
Process-ID: 0x454
Program starttime: 0x01d00b3579bfe72f
Path to program: C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\cmdagent.exe
Path to module: C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\cmdurlflt.dll
Report-ID: f7844aaa-778e-11e4-be71-002522afef67

charlp, would you like to further process your bug report?


I am not entirely sure what you mean but i want to find out why comodo is crashing and what can be done to fix it.

Some additional information.
Intel I5 2500k not overclocked but turbomode is used
4x4096MB DDR3 Corsair xms 3
Asrock P67 pro3 motherboard
Amd 7900 graphics
2x2TB wdc green in raid 1
1x60Gb ocz vertex2 for windows
1x128Gb sandisk ssd for games
1x2Tb external seagate usb3 harddrive

2+ year old Windows 7 64bit enterprise
No other AV program installed, left overs from previous installations may exist

Programs usually running when computer freezes
Winfast pvr
outlook 2007 for mail
Filezilla server
Duc40 (autoupdate software for dynamic dns)

Have not freezed during gaming yet, have frozen a couple of times when the computer was not in use.
Generally my computer is very stable but from time to time i have minor issues with drivers for graphics card, i have a very well ventilated computercase so temperatures are good.

I have checked in the logbook and both exception code and wrong offset is the same every time the computer freezes.

Please use the required format.