CIS won't set up

hello guys , when trying to install CIS it takes about 5 mins to only load 1% , so yesterday i left the computer on for nearly 7 hours but the setup got stuck on 84% , what do you think might be the problem ?
i have a windows 10-64bit and no other security software is installed

Hi sa94my.

  1. Possibly a connection issue to the download server. Try again to see if it is resolved. (Maybe try disabling any VPN if one is connected). Also possibly there could be an issue with the DNS settings on your machine?
  2. If you have had a previous version of CIS installed, you can try the Comodo Uninstaller Tool. Then try again.
  3. You could try a malware scan with Malwarebytes and Hitman Pro to make sure Malware isn’t preventing the install

hi Reecen
1- my internet connection is working just fine, i don’t have vpn,the DNS settings are ok i don’t have any trouble surfing the internet
2- you’re right about this i found resident installation of the IS but that’s only because i cancelled the installation several times because it was taking too long , i uninstalled it and still it takes like forever to load
3- this is a new windows i don’t thing malware is the reason

thanks for reply

Hi sa94my,

Thank you for reporting.
Kindly use the Comodo Uninstaller Tool for the clean Uninstallation and re-install the CIS and check. If it persist’s in the same condition in the sense please don’t hesitate to ping us.