CIS won't open?

WinXP Pro x64, CIS 3.5.xxxxx.427 (I don’t remember the whole version string off-hand). My apologies if this isn’t the right place; seems more of a generic question than a firewall/Defense+/AV-specific question.

For whatever reason, I can’t get the CIS application to come up. The tray icon doesn’t respond to doubleclicks or right-clicks, and the desktop icon doesn’t launch it. I can’t kill the cfp.exe process (Access denied). I know a reboot, or -maybe- a logoff would help it come back up, but that’s just not part of my routine, and it would require me to shut down my multitude of applications and load them back up. There’s nothing in the Application or System logs in Event Viewer. I didn’t find any text logs for Comodo in its program directory. I really just have no idea what happened.

I assume you have installed the 64 bit version of CIS… can you expand more on this problem. It is indeed very strange behavior and it has to be very annoying for you.

Can you tell me what your current security setup is? When did you see this happening? Does this happen al the time? Do you do something special when this happens? please tell me more…

thank you!

Honestly, I don’t know when it happens. I don’t know if the application gets fatigued, or if it’s because of something I do. It has happened maybe once or twice before, and usually after my PC has been logged in and turned on for days, although I’m almost sure that wouldn’t simply be the case.

Yes, it is the 64bit version of CIS, I have the Firewall and Defense+ modules installed (No AV), and I keep D+ in Paranoid mode. Speaking of which, it seemed like D+ reverted into either Training or Disabled mode when it wasn’t responding. I could launch things without restriction. I ended up logging out, and that’s when I got a prompt to end cfp.exe. I don’t know what it got hung up on. When I logged back in, D+ said it had learned a few things; most related to the Microsoft IME I have installed, but it was still in Paranoid mode.

I don’t know how to describe it further at this point. It just seems like the software gets hung on something, doesn’t use any CPU, and allows anything to run.

Edit: It just happened again. I had D+ learning Adobe Updater, switched it to Paranoid mode when it was done, and it locked up. A little strange that CIS might be preventing itself from doing something, thereby ceasing its own functionality.

this could be some kind of serious bug in the 64 bit version of CIS… try to figure out how to reproduce it when you want and post all the info at the bug section of CIS.

It may or may not be a serious bug in general. This is how I have D+ set up:

  • [Defense+] Advanced Settings
    [li]Image Execution Control Settings
    [li]Image Execution Control Level: Aggressive
  • Files To Check: Executables (Group)


  • Defense+ Settings
    [li]General Settings
    [li]Defense+ Security Level: Paranoid Mode
  • Trust the applications digitally signed by Trusted Software Vendors: OFF
  • Block all the unknown requests if the application is closed: ON
  • Deactivate the Defense+ permanently: OFF


  • Monitor Settings

[li](Everything checked)


I will admit I’m no expert at knowing how, exactly, CIS operates, but I believe D+ might be catching itself in the act. From what I’ve noticed, whenever I have a D+ prompt up, the program in question is completely suspended: it will not respond to anything. Applying that knowledge, I think it’s entirely possible that when CIS freezes, cfp.exe is attempting to access a DLL or exe, and in turn D+ must prompt me for it. Unfortunately when it does so, it gets suspended or paused (Until action is taken). When no action can be taken, the program essentially enters a permanent standby state (No idea if one can recover from that). I suppose with D+ frozen, the PC is free to do whatever it ■■■■ well pleases, which is really, really not good.

Edit: Modified list code.

try to set image execution settings back to normal, and set applications digitally signed by trusted software vendors back to on (you sure can trust comodo products and microsoft software…, otherwise you risk crashing/blocking of applications…) and set block all the unknown requests if the application is closed back to off (some closed apps, do some legit requests in some kind of manner…)…

Try these settings and let me know, if you still have problems…

thank you…

Note: I am not a computer expert.