CIS won't install in my Vista Business 32x SP2


I just downloaded Comodo Internet Security today, named as CIS_Setup_3.13.121240.574_XP_Vista_x32. It can’t seem to install in my Windows Vista Business 32x SP2. After downloading it, I double click the file, click “Allow” to allow it to run, and then it simply disappears.

I have admin rights in this computer, so I should be able to install it.

I have an AVG anti-virus installed, and Windows Firewall turned on if it is of any help.


Try the latest version. Download it from here. Notice that the forums get the new release before the download page does.

Thanks for the heads up. However, it still won’t install (same problem, it simply disappears.) Is there a post who has the same problem as I have? I tried looking for one.


Do the Windows logs tell something about the crash of the installer?

I’m not sure what you mean or looking for. Could you tell me the steps to see the Windows log? (I know it’s in the Events Viewer, but I’m don’t know what to look for in there) To be honest, all I did was double click the installer, click “Allow” to run, and then nothing happens.

1.Turn off UAC
2.Turn off Windows firewall(go to Administrative tools>Services)
3.Turn off Windows Defender(go to Administrative tools>Services)
5.Right click CIS install file.
6.choose ‘Run as Administrator’.