CIS Wishlist

What my frds here think about this wishlist. Your Comments Plzz


  1. Alerts - Alerts are by default for 120 secs. Alert timing should be shown on the popups so that the user gets to know how much time is remaining to deal with the popups. If clicked on More Options then there should be no time limit to deal with the popups.

  2. Alerts should always appear with default popup mode i.e fewer options mode. Currently if any popup is dealt in more options mode, the popups always appear in more options mode till any popup is dealt in fewer options mode, then the popups always appear in default mode i.e fewer options mode. The popups should always appear in the default mode i.e fewer option mode, irrespective of the mode they were dealt with.

  3. Network Security Policy - Show/Hide Defaults should be there & by default the defaults should be hidden so that average users dont accidently mess with the defaults.

  4. Block all Incoming Connection should be the default as this is the safest setting for most of the users. (Some users may not agree on this but I think it would be good for average & most users).


  1. Default Quarantine on the AV alerts coz this is the safest option. I think there should be 2 tabs, Recommended Action & More Actions on the AV alerts, wherein Recommended - Quarantines & More Options shows the recommended & other options.

OR the AV alert should be like FW/D+ alerts - Default Popup Mode i.e Fewer Options & More Options - Malware Names & Location can be fully shown with Recommended Action with a little description that it quarantines the threats in the Fewer Options, & More Options should show the recommended & other options.

Defense +

  1. Computer Security Policy - Same as Network Security Policy i.e Show/Hide Defaults.

  2. Autosandbox Alert - Autosandbox Alert should have more options & Hide this Alert & Dont Isolate Again should be in the More Options. Average Users may not know what effect dont isolate again has on the apps.

  3. If run Installers/Updaters outside the sandbox is unchecked then there should be a notification popup when an app is sandboxed.

I may add more wishes. Your comments frds.