CIS & Windows XP

How much longer will COMODO be supporting Windows XP?

Unfortunately the XP users will be stuck with the publicly disclosed Tenable vulnerabilities in CIS left unpatched.

The vulnerabilities disclosed by Tenable affect only the Virtualization stack of the Containment module AFAIK.

So XP users can either:

a) Disable the Container and use the HIPS instead.

b) Configure Comodo as an Anti-Executable/Lockdown software. (Block Unknowns, disable installer detection at container settings, enable Embedded Code Detection for every process at Script Analysis, customize Vendor List).

c) Find a new OS.

Will XP users still get new virus Definitions?

Does Comodo Internet Security 2019 v12.0.0.6882 even support Windows Vista?

No…6870 was the last Vista compatible version.

I can confirm this. Earlier, Comodo had said > 6870 wouldn’t be supported on XP, which made me wonder if it “might work” but was unsupported by Comodo, i.e. “if you use 6882 on XP, it’s at your own risk”, but I’ve just tried to install 6882 on an XP machine, and it blocks it with a message box before the installer starts up fully, pointing out the only supported OSes are Win 7 and later. You have no other option but to hit OK and the installer goes no further.

So in short, 6870 is definitely the last XP release.