CIS will not update

Hi, I posted this before, and did not get a reply to My reply.

I installed CIS 3.8.65951.477 while I was using dialup and it updated and ran fine.
Since then I have switched to a new ISP and am on a lan. I can no longer update and cannot find on your website where to get the individual virus sig files.

If I re-install CIS, it updates itself, then finishes installing. But then if I try to update the virus or the firewall it cannot find my network and will not update itself and gives me a message failed to find network while it then updates windows and I can get out and type this. ???

Am getting to the point of removing it and moving to a different product :-\


Sorry for your troubles.

“Individual virus sig files” are not available at this time…
I’m sure it’s the Antivirus that is having trouble updating…

Have you been able to surf online with this new ISP?


Yes, I can surf quite well, just cannot update comodo.

Thank you for responding

What is your AV data base number? It can be found under Miscellaneous → About.

I can’t tell about the situation for v3.8 but the AV updates for v3.9 RC2 are suspended until the release of 3.9 final on Tuesday due to instability caused by AV update 1157.

It is 1017.

From what I read the AV updates are on hold and will be released when 3.9 goes to a final release. The update will be for 3.9 only. I am going to look for it now