CIS will not Install [RESOLVED]

Help all, Tried downloading and installing CIS today 25/05/09 as BOClean finishes 26/05/09,

Uninstalled all my internet software protections first AVG, Comodos Antispam, Memory Firewall and BOClean
first, then did a reg clean then a windows restart.

Still got error message “You have an older version of Comodo Antivirus, please uninstall using add/remove in control panel”, then install CIS

Trouble is I uninstalled Comodo antivirus months ago when it caused conflicts with Comodo Antispam and have run Reg cleaners since, they found nothing.

Currently re-installed and using again AVG8.5 free, Comodo Personal Firewall Pro, Comodo Antispam ver 2.5, Comodo Memory Firewall ver 2.04.20, and Comodo BOClean ver 4.26 until it no longer updates. and can resolve Comodo CIS not installing because of phantom Comodo Antivirus? I dont’ have

Simple answers only as Silver Surfer not boffin

Hi The Beast 2

I hope you come back to at least see if anyone answered your post.

This happened to me quite a while back and I had done a reg clean and searched the reg manually. What it turned out to be was a folder tucked away in Documents and Settings\Could have been All Users or MainUser or one of the other Users\ Application Data\ or Local Settings\ Application Data\Comodo.

Check it out and see if there is anything there for Comodo AntiVirus.

Let us know as well


I too have downloaded new CIS as BOClean finishes 26/05/09 and have a problem in installing it.

This is my experience:

I do not get error messages. This is the sequence of events box by box as I am installing:

Q. Choose language
A. I choose English (US)

Q. Comodo Internet Security is already installed on your system. Do you want to un-install or add/remove components now?
A. I said Yes

Q. Select options?
A. I just ticked add/remove

Q. Which product?
A. I ticked the first two boxes: Comodo Antivirus (recommended) and Comodo Firewall (recommended)

After clicking on Next nothing happens. No error messages just nothing.

I should be grateful for any help.

Try To Check Whether You Are Able To Install Fro Safe Mode…If Possible, Let Us Know What Are The Comodo Products Which Are Already There On You System.

Hi John,

Found some folders named in hidden files in users /application data as you said they would be.

Deleted as many as I could but one file will not delete as it says it is shared by another program ?

File name is Monln.log which has entrys like following

25:05:09 09.15 Info Cnotify handler:: handlestartup called
" " " " " " " logon called
" " " " " " " startshell called. same again then logoff and then shutdown

Uninstalled Comodo Firewall Pro ver, BOClean ver 4.26, Memory Firewall ver, Antispam ver 2.50 and AVG8.5 ver 8.5339

Still same problem trying to load CIS got error message after choosing Language says I still have an older version of Comodo Antivirus on my system uninstall this first.

All of this because BOClean is not going to be available as a stand alone from today 26/05/09 and I tried to comply by putting all my eggs in one basket (CIS)

Comodo Firewall Pro, Antispam, Memory Firewall and BOClean with AVG8.5 have all worked well together with no viruses , Trojans or malware affecting my computer ever, PROGRESS Hey!

Have put a ticket in for this problem as bound to be other users loaded an older version of Comodo Antivirus in the past, I had a similar problem years ago with Norton and had to use a norton removal tool??

Try To Check After Removing The Left Out Entries And Files Using The Comodo Support Tool

This batch file is not an official Comodo tool for removing Antivirus left overs, it is a file written for an older version of CIS and has errors in it, according to the forum posts that I have read.

Comodo may come up with a proper tool such as Norton removal if other users have same experience, and I have put a ticket in for this problem as BOClean will not be supported as a stand alone from today.

I did put comodo Antivirus on my PC back in October 2008 and was told to uninstall it after a conflict with Comodo Antispam, MS Office 1997 and my Emails, was reported to Comodo Support

But thanks anyway

Hi thebeast3

Try using File Assassin. This is a tool included in the Malwarebytes Anti Malware Program. It has worked in the past for me to get rid of locked files.


Hi Napsterz et al

Thanks for recommending safe mode but before I do I notice that the latest CIS download is for XP (SP2). I have XP (SP3). Do you know if that makes a difference?

I uninstalled BOC and still the new CIS does not want to install and there are no error messages.

The remaining products are: Comodo itself, Safe Surf and Verirication Engine.

Download regcleaner and install it. Remove the keys it finds to Comodo firewall.

When that doesn’t help download Comodo System Cleaner and let it clean your registry.

Did this help?

Hi all, :slight_smile:

After hours of trying everything including deleting hidden files I found after JJasper’s tip.
Downloaded 2 different reg cleaners used four altogether including the two I already had??

I went back to Comodo Support centre and dug deeper into Knowledge base> Desktop Software> Antivirus Installer complains that a previous version of antivirus is installed and found answer to my issue was to delete a key in registry etc CIS now up and running and looking good.

Better cancel that Ticket as my solution was there only slightly buried.

If you are stuck try digging a bit deepr in support Knowledge base, I had to dig down three layers and search did not show this problem had been answered previously?

It Doesn’t Make Any Difference. Service Pack 2 Is Just The Minimum Requirement.

Glad you finally got it beast3, I will mark this as resolved and lock it. If you need it opened for any reason PM an online moderator.