CIS was updated today now conflicts with windows security center

I updated today to 3.5.57173.439 from something like that ???. I used the update feature in miscellaneous, I have Avast 4.8 installed for my Anti Virus,free. I used ZA internet security for long time until the 8.0 update that ruined that product. I got rid of it.i downloaded your pro firewall alond with avast and all was well. I asked here before on the forum if I should update my firewall to keep up with the latest threats.I was told yes.It seems after the update that windows no longer knows Comodo is there.This is happening to Avast also. I hate to get rid of Avast because of the spyware and rootkit protection it gives along with anti virus. CIS does not offer this yet,does it? I was waiting until it was fully developed.When you bank online you need to be fully protected as well as safe surfer,which I am. How do I know if Comodo is working when it is not known by the Windows Security center?
Also would you say that CIS is as good or better than Avast 4.8 free? I would consider putting the Anti virus part on also,it did not update that way.I have no anti virus page that I could turn on,there is a log for it now,but it must not of installed.What are you guys recommendations for me? I have read that Avira has claimed top spot for 2008 on some testing sites also said it puts out lots of false positives,I have not read no reviews about CIS by non biased sites.No foul intended about your guys reviews,I’m just through ;D Thanks for your help!

You will have to uninstall and do a clean install. 3.5 is different from 3.0.
You needn’t get rid of Avast, and CIS 3.5 will integrate with Windows Security Center.