CIS wants to sandbox Windows' dismhost.exe when opening Comodo Programs Manager

CIS repeatedly “traps” Windows 7 dismhost.exe (2 occurences each time) when I open Comodo Programs Manager and wants to put in the Sandbox. I say “no” each time as I have MS Security Essentials running resident and have manually run Malwarebytes and rkill with no results: seems reasonable to assume dismhost.exe is the real thing.

As I’m not clued up on fine-tuning CIS, could anyone offer pointer as to how I stop CIS finding issue with dismhost.exe?

Try the following. First close down dismhost.exe then see if is in My Pending Files. When it is there select it and move it to My Own Safe Files.

When it is not in My Pending Files add it to My Own Safe Files yourself.

Next step is to follow the FAQ Mouse1 made and see if that brings any solace.

Thanks: went straight for the add trusted file option - had assumed rejecting the sandbox option sort of did that anyway, but I guess not. So far so good.