CIS Want update from 6.3 to 6.2 Oo

CIS Want update from 6.3 to 6.2 Oo
please fix this
I just instaled new CIS for win8.1 (support)
and after hour its quit from bf3 i was in middle game and its says update avalable when i click whats new its point me to new 6.2 version
I updated acsidetly before so now i know about it and i wont able to use comodo 6.2 on windows 8.1 rtm
so please conrol your updates i down want update comodo 6.3 to comodo 6.2 its calling “DOWNGRADE”

Now,why would anyone logically try to update a program that was just installed? I can see doing an update for signatures but, a program update?

In case of CIS thats just been installed it will automatically download and want to install a newer version, I’am having same issue as the OP, also my av database is stuck at same version, when I do a clean install of 6.2 or 6.3 CIS will only download upto 16993 and no newer updates, if have 6.3 installed it will update down to 6.2, is frustrating problem for us having it :cry:

I have done numerous clean installs, reset winsock, flushed DNS, and changed DNS servers but still I’m getting same issues, CIS will no update database higher then 16993, and if just installed 6.3 will try to auto update down to 6.2 >:(

This is not a user generated or created issue, there’s something wrong with how CIS is looking for updates or information its receiving for some of us :cry:

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Finally fixed one of the issues on my main system, have power cycled my router for a few minutes, then flushed windows dns cache, did a manual update check and CIS updated to 17000, but for some reason still locked into CIS thinking there’s a program update, maybe I will do a clean install again and see if fixes this last issue :slight_smile:

Just disable program update for now after installing the latest version 88)

look here mates :-TU I have the same problem

Me too I believe. On checking the program folder, I noticed all the files I looked at were version 6.2 - not 6.3. I remember it wanting to restart shortly after I installed, for an important update - so apparently it had downgraded itself.

Very clever …