CIS w/D+ fails a certain leaktest (Project1.exe)

The leaktest created on February 2008, so i think it should be known by Comodo. I don’t understand why CIS 3.8… still fails it???

The source the leaktest →

More about this … → Interesting HIPS leak test | Wilders Security Forums


How to use: Drag the button from this utility to any application,s window, press Enter SPACE and the GUI/ window of other application will disappear( become invisible) although the application is still running in the task manager.


Comodo Defence Plus - failed
Online-Armor - v. Premium - passed, v. Free - failed
Sandboxie -failed
EQS 3.41 with Alcyons rules (old version) - failed
Mamutu - failed
DefenseWall - passed
GesWall - failed
Malware Defender - passed
Outpost Firewall Pro 2009 - passed

My D+ settings →

Hoping someone can explain this interesting test to us :wink:
Actually, this “trick” is developed by a Chinese using"setparent function" which I know few about it, I wonder why Comodo (even geswall :o) can’t intercept it. :wink:
Eager for explanations :smiley:

:stuck_out_tongue: I have just found this one has been discussed in

I didn’t see that thread. Sorry guys for start the same topic again…