I’m having trouble installing the new version (v10) of the CIS.
It was all working, I received the info that there was an update available, by accepting this update, in the end it crashed, I was forced to shut down the PC, after that Windows started to catch and repaint (refresh, taskbar redesign) the desktop. Well, I uninstalled the old version for windows install, cleaned the registry, deleted the remaining files that I found, rebooted, everything working, I downloaded the CIS installer (cfw_installer_6106_53.exe), but when it is finished, there is a previous version Installed and can not be removed;
I have read and tried almost everything described in the forum (with some difficulty, but I tried); I have already repeated install / uninstall many times; I already searched the registry for some extra key that could be from CIS, until I deleted some suspicions, CIS … but nothing. I do not know what to do, tried the suggested applications and I can not install.
Strange that things I do not want nor the force, were installed, the Comodo Dragone Geek were installed and work, a process called Comodo Internet Essentials too, but I do not want and do not want these items, I just want the Firewall, as it was before.
CIS should be the best firewall in the world, impenetrable (LoL), since it rarely undergoes update … and when it has cause some problem, even if it is minimal. This is not the first time I have to reinstall and reconfigure the CIS completely. Only this time it’s very complicated.

Some help? Or should he abandon the CIS? >:( :-TD

1.Run the uninstaller and reboot when completed.
2.Run this removal tool as an admin via right-click/alt-click run as administrator context-menu choose to clean CIS and reboot when it completes.
3.Download the standalone installer of the one you want CIS or CFW here.