CIS vs RAR files???

Not sure why, but it seems that at times CIS has issues with RAR files, or other compressed files. Now I don’t have that large of a hard drive and I find that sometimes the AV freezes when it is scanning RAR files. Anyone else having this issue? Is there anything I can do to stop it form happening?

I have rar files and CIS 3.8 has no problem scanning them, even found a Virus in 1. I’m using Vista tho. Could be a setting in CIS? Anyone else have any iinfo on this for him?

Scans rar files just fine here, and is able to detect viruses in .rar files.
Are you using CIS 3.8 but that souldn’t be the issue.

Make sure CIS is set to scan files up to 800 MB for instance if you are going to scan a compressed rar with filesize 780 MB or something similar.

Same here… CIS 3.8 has no problem with rar or any other compress archives on my computer.

Yeah, using 3.8. I’ll double check the file size thing. It is only on a couple RAR files. Usually if I re-RAR them then it’s alright, but I don’t find out if I need to re-RAR them untill CIS scans it and gets caught up on them.

Now when I just did a manual scan on one of the RAR files after setting CIS to scan up to 900MB then it stopped responding, and now I think I am going to have to restart my comp cause it is saying that the scanner is still in use and that I am to wait till it is done, but it’s not in the process list now. uggg.